Flowstream International Limited manufacture valves, supply spares and offer a complete refurbishment and repair service for all our complete and extensive ranges of process valves, which have been tried and tested in all types of industries for many years.

Flowstream International have manufacturing and supplied industrial valves since 1842. We were the first all – British designed and manufactured process control valve. With a huge archive of over 14,000 designs over decades of precision engineering and manufacturing.

Our product range has previously been sold under company and brand names including Hunt & Mitton, ITT Flowstream and Johnson Controls MacLaren products. We have installed in more than 40 countries base across a broad range of industries, including Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Water, Food, Steel and Rubber. We have manufactured and supplied to blue chip companies Such as BP, Shell, Esso (Exxon), ICI( Ineos), Corus, British Energy, Dunlop/ Goodyear, Kodac, etc and have earned a solid product reputation for robust longevity and sound engineering.

We provide our customers with reliable, round the clock, day-in, day-out trouble free service. Live examples of our valves still in service after 40 years of operations. 

Flowstream International – your solutions partner for complex fluid control. We are here to help you..