ITEC Srl. – Mechanical Pressure & Temperature Gauges

ITEC Srl. (Industria Tecnologica) as the name means was started in order to serve the Industry by manufacturing and selling the mechanical pressure and temperature gauges. The company was founded by Mr. Enzo Del-Conte in 1989 (who having almost more than 45 years experience in this field) at via Battisti in Invorio about 50 miles away from Milan, Italy and a 100% family owned company. In the beginning, the manufacturing of differential pressure gauges and diaphragm seals started.
These products find a greater demand and market in Oil & Gas, Chemical and Petrochemical industries as they were flourishing and expanding the operations worldwide. The stainless steel gauge, gas filled thermometers & bi-metal thermometers were added in to manufacturing in 1990s’ to enable to serve the market in a wider manner.

Quality was always the key concern for ITEC and got certified for ISO 9001 in 1998. The ATEX certification as part of the product innovation and meeting the EU regulations for specific industries has done in the 2000s’. Technical expertise is always a plus point for ITEC, with Mr Del-Conte personally heading the Product Innovation Department. With sales increasing, the need to have the vendor registration with major oil & gas, Chemical & Petrochemical become a necessity, hence ITEC started the process of vendor listing with various worldwide oil & gas firms in 2000s’ and listed as well and going on as a continuous.
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