Tiara Ophir Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysia private limited company was established in 2007 to provide a specialized and professional engineering support and services. On early 2018, Tiara Ophir Sdn. Bhd. have diversified and form a new business portfolio on human capital development and training thru a partnership with experienced trainer and facilitator with a brand called “ALL-OUT”. Our training’s and seminars are compact, concise and precise, meeting our customers’ demand evolving in synergy with the current market situations. We offers the balance between emotional, intellectual and spiritual quotients of the workforce. This in turn produce the best workforce with the ability to self-motivate, improvise without sacrificing, inter-relate with the customers’ needs and demand, harmonious and result oriented.


What We Do

Choosing All Out mindset as our identity, we interpret it as “A Strong, Healthy, and Powerful Mind” and by that our main goal is to help our clients finding the potential they have within themselves by empowering their mind.

          enlightened ALL OUT Mind Power Transformation

          enlightened ALL OUT Maximum Teamwork Enhancement

          enlightened ALL OUT Neuro Linguistic Psychology Leadership

          enlightened ALL OUT Effective Leadership with Mind Optimization

          enlightened ALL OUT Medical Psychology Hypnotherapy

          enlightened ALL OUT Mind Power of Sport (Mental Coaching)

          enlightened ALL OUT Bright Future Retirement