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Founded 1974 as Pipeline Engineering Installation. Services (PEIS), the company specialised activities in the late 70-ties and early 80-ties, via pipeline – cleaning and testing services, into it’s present line of pigging products, which in 1982 is fi nally laid down in the name PEAS 82: Pipeline (Pigging) Equiment And Services b.v. Together with PM&H (contracting) and OPES (trading), PEAS 82 forms the Peas Group.

The company’s commercial headquarters are located in Amersfoort (Netherlands) with modern production facilities in the Overijssel province and in the Durham county (UK). PEAS 82 adopts quality standards and best practices worldwide, like ISO-9001: 2000/ BS 5750 Part I for the design and manufacture of pipeline pigging tools, multi-product tools and polyurethane products. ISO – 9002 / BS 5750 Part II certifi cation provides an additional guarantee that we provide you with the best outsourced pigging products and services to meet your requirements.

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